Lake Testing Data

A regular observation and testing regimen of Quamichan Lake and its water began on April 20, 2009. Donna Hert has volunteered to do the testing and record the results in an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is posted here, and is updated frequently. Click on the "Quamichan Fieldform" attachment link below to review the spreadsheet and informative field notes.

Click here to download the spreadsheets:

Quamichan Fieldform 2009.xls

Quamichan Fieldform 2010.xls

Quamichan Fieldform 2011.xls

Quamichan Fieldform 2012.xls

The following characteristics of the lake and the water are recorded:

Site Depth - using Secchi Disk if needed
Anchor (yes or no)

Overcast (scale 1-10, clear is 0)
Wind Direction from
Wind Speed (calm, low, med, high)
Surface (flat, ripple, chop, rough)
Air Temp (degrees C)
Surface temperature (degrees C)

Secchi Depth (m)
Water Color

Water Temperature and Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L) are measured at depths of 0.5 m, 1.0 m,  and each additional metre to a usual maximum depth of 8 m.

Quamichan Fieldform 2009.xls102 KB
Quamichan Fieldform 2010.xls147.5 KB
Quamichan Fieldform 2011.xls223 KB
Quamichan Fieldform 2012.xls276.5 KB