Quamichan Stewards 2011 Project Activities

The following projects which were given high priority in the Implemantation Guide of the Management Plan and will be carried out in 2011.

  • Develop a lake access strategy to increase the visibility of the Quamichan Watershed and promote recreation and educational activities.
  • Reduce non-source nutrient input from land and water acivities in the Quamichan Wateshed by promoting septic field education, leading conversions from septic to sewer, and building rain ponds (wetlands) near streams that flow into Quamichan Lake.
  • Protect native plant species by holding invasive species workshops and volunteer work parties to remove invasives from around Quamichan Lake.
  • Use and promote the watershed as a venue for recreation, education and wildlife events by hosting a Spring Fishing Derby in April.